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Court of Appeal affirms prejudice based approach to applications for relief from sanctions
February 2016
by Andrew Pavlovic

Limitations on litigation privilege
Feburary 2016
by Andrew Pavlovic


'A Narrow Escape! Court approves limited retainers'
December 2015
William Garnier examines the Court of Appeal decision in Minkin v Landsberg concerning limited retainers, which provides clear support for ‘unbundled’ of legal services.

‘Regulatory Shake Up’
December 2014
Michael Stacey considers whether the issue of Bar entity regulation is a threat to law firms.

‘The Conduct of Litigation: defining the parameters’
Tom Bradford explores the often uncertain boundary between the exercise of higher rights of audience and the conduct of litigation.

‘Converting your practice to an ABS’
Michael Stacey provides guidance on how best to convert an accountancy practices to an ABS.

'Trusted to the Ends of the Earth' by John Gould
A decision made in a moment may lead to a personal and professional catastrophe and once the line is crossed it is unlikely that a solicitor will be given a second chance...

'Too Good to be True' by John Gould
After more than a decade, the danger of solicitors being drawn into so called high yield investment frauds is rising again and solicitors need to be on their guard...

'For the Team' by John Gould
An unhappy team in another firm may look like a tempting prize - but there's no such thing as a free transfer...

'Utmost Good Faith' by John Gould
A solicitor's professional indemnity policy will still pay out even if there has been non-disclosure - but there is a sting in the tail...

'If in doubt, ask, then ask again' by John Gould
April 2014
Conveyancers are now a lot busier than they were a year or two ago. Rising prices...

'Supervisors must live up to their title and accept responsibility' by John Gould
June 2014
Even if you are honest, a dishonest partner or employee could sink your career and ruin your practice...

'Will accountants embrace multi-disciplinary practices?' by Michael Stacey
November 2014
This month the SRA unveiled new rules to make it easier for professional firms to open one-stop shps for legal advice and other services such as accountancy under a multi-disciplnary Alternative Business Structure (ABS) licence....

'Aggregation - what is the meaning of similar and related' by Michael Colledge
On Friday 14 August Mr Justice Teare handed down his judgment in AIG Europe Limited v OC320301 LLP and others [2015] EWHC 2398 (Comm), which is the first case to consider aggregation....