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Legal Services Law Resource

The Legal Services Law (LSL) Resource complements ‘The Law of Legal Services’. The book provides accessible and well-structured analysis and commentary whilst the LSL Resource gives access to very substantial additional materials online. The LSL Resource also allows the book to be supplemented by up-to-date briefings and articles.

Here you will find:

Briefings – regular briefings on developments in the law governing legal services, which are free-standing but also cross-referred to The Law of Legal Services.
New Briefings added February 2016

Articles – a range of articles on topical issues that impact on legal professional regulation.
New Articles added February 2016

Links – to a substantial body of published material freely available from a variety of authoritative but diffused sources. These materials are referred to in the book but not reproduced there.

Unreported Cases – a body of important but unreported cases.





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